There are many things in our lives that we accept just because we believe that it is only right to accept it, but what if we did not accept everything thrown at us? What if we actually tried to break the mold and not just be complacent to everything we are supposed to believe? Breaking the mold like this and being anti-complacent is how many modern innovators have harbored their success and how many of our everyday items came to fruition. So in the spirit of unconventional success, I want to present some popular innovators and how they were anti-complacent.

Many know Jeff Bezos as being the former CEO and founder of Amazon, and while creating a widespread e-commerce site like Amazon is an unconventional success in itself, there is a larger one that was very high risk. This success is Amazons flagship one-day shipping, and while it may seem like common place for us now it was actually a large unconventional step at the time. For one-day shipping to function, lots of money would have to go into it, and at the start Amazon was actually losing money by offering the feature. But Bezos understood that as the feature got more popular, both with consumers and sellers, the company would see a profit margin that was unmatched by any other e-commerce site. So, for a large beginning deficit, Jeff Bezos too the large risk of implementing this feature, and he was payed back tenfold.

Sebastian Thrun is the founder of Udacity, an e-learning site that is accessible for anyone to use and grow from. The reason why this e-learning site in particular is such an unconventional success, is the kind of courses that are available. Sebastian Thrun realized that many people did not have access to education at all, and even those who did were not learning the subjects that would have much impact. From this observation, he decided to create Udacity, a site where anyone could take the courses, and where the courses were teaching subjects that would actually brig impact in this modern world, with subjects like AI, quantum computing, and more. This was such a success, not only monetarily, but it was a success for our generation as well.

Being the founder of various companies tackling some of the largest problems in technology right now, it is clear why Elon Musk has so many unconventional successes, however arguably his largest ones, were the ones he achieved with his company SpaceX. Space travel is something that we have worked on for a long time, but SpaceX was one of the only companies to find lots of success in the field because of the way they tackle the whole problem. Instead of trying to understand space more and see how far we can go, much like how NASA operates, Elon Musk set forward one goal and optimized for that. This lead to many innovations in rocket design, fuel replacements, and much more. All these innovations would have been lost, if Elon did not take a peculiar perspective on space travel.

It is clear from all these examples, that success does not come to those who just go by the rules, but by being anti-complacent. All these unconventional success would not be possible, unless someone decided to not accept the norm. So if any of us want to succeed and create something memorable, we need to break the mold and find something truly novel to work on.

16 y/o innovator at TKS writing about technology and our lifestyles.